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A moment in time

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HI Dave,

I finally got around to writing the testimonial for your Web site (I've been really busy the last few weeks). It's below and attached. Talk to you soon!


Hi Dave,

I want to thank you once again for the absolutely beautiful Ampeg Reverbojet J-12R amplifier I purchased from you. Your description of the amp was right on-as you noted, it's a time capsule! Also, I really appreciate the fact that you called me soon after I e-mailed you, described the amplifier in exacting detail and answered all my nitty-gritty questions, and shipped the amp out right away.

When I received the amp, I was thrilled to see that it was everything I hoped for and then some. As I mentioned to you, I had been looking for a Reverbojet for more than 20 years (my original was the first good guitar amp I ever had, received as a gift when I was a teenager, and I regretted ever selling it). To finally get another Reverbojet in such great shape after looking for so long is a real thrill.

As you noted when you shipped it out, it was also packed to “withstand a nuclear blast.” I must complement you on your superb, and I mean superb, packing job and fast shipping.

It was also a pleasure to deal with someone who is really into audio gear. Like you, I'm an enthusiast and consider great gear to be electronic and industrial art. Thanks again!

Frank Doris
FM Public Relations
I have also written for
Sound & Vision, The Absolute Sound, Stereo Review, MusicAngle.com and other publications